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What is Blocking the Manifestation of Your Dreams

You are here to continually evolve, grow, release and claim, give and receive at your next level.

What once was working is coming to completion. You feel it deep down that you are on the precipice of something big.

But what once was new has become comfortable and feels secure. first you feel...restless. Like something no longer feels great to you. You tell yourself "it's fine" or "I will deal with it later", then go back to doing the same things, because it feels comfortable.

You have two conflicting feelings, and right now, comfort is winning.

What you feel called to begin to shift is taking up space for fulfillment, abundance, new projects created to come in.

What needs to shift to make space for your future?

Your ego will tell you that if you shift away from what you have been doing, that you are a failure. It will tell you to keep it going, even though you know you are meant to shift into something more.

While your ego is having a fit about this, your soul is excited and ready to see you in claim your next level of growth.

Hustle and grind alone doesn't get you there.

Right now, energetically you are holding on when there is an opportunity here to shift into your next level.

It's time to name it and claim it for yourself.

Use this question as a prompt for journaling today:

“What needs to shift to make space in my future?”

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