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Unlearning is part of the process

How to break through resistance

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How to breakthrough resistance to your next level of success!

Can we talk for a minute about this often overlooked piece of the puzzle? Unlearning is part of the process. Some beliefs learned have to be broken down and re-evaluated, because the are no longer serving you. The same actions you took to get to where you are now served you well for a time, but won't serve you at the next level you are journeying to. It's all part of the natural process.

In this video, I talk about resistance, which naturally comes up when you hear "everything you want is outside of your comfort zone" (aka unlearning and trying new actions). Here's my take on it. You don't have to stay stuck, be overwhelmed, or overthink your way through (aka resistance). Tune in to this video for tips on how to shift it!

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