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This is Keeping You from Manifesting

what you desire- And how to fix it!

This is the one of the top mistakes we make that keep us from manifesting what we want.

Ready for it? Here it is.

“I should have.”

Are you in a state of self judgement about what you currently don’t have what you want?

All the reasons you don’t have it now. All the mistakes you made. All the time you lost. Oh yeah, I so get you! This was me, for years. What led to a change? When I realized all the self judgement I had been unknowingly been throwing down with myself (my inner mean girl’s game was on high!). Spending another day of thinking all the ways I could “get there” to a healthier body, to joy and fulfillment, I slowed my roll and asked myself “well, how is all this negative self talk working out for you?”

Not very well, thank you very much. Ugh.

You can either love yourself through it or judge yourself through it- Tracy Calvert

Here’s how to shift it…

Awareness is key. Recognize when your inner mean girl shows up. She is just trying to keep you safe. And thinking about what you should have done is one of her secret ninja moves to keep you from taking action that may feel scary. Tell you you’ve got this!

Instead of continually thinking about what isn’t working or not here, focus on what is! This immediately shifts your focus with gratitude. Really feel into the feeling of gratitude. Make a game out of it. How many things can you find that you are grateful for right now?

Some things I am grateful for are my laptop and Iphone. I think about the vision, courage, and tenacity the people who made these had to bring them to life. These weren’t even in existence 50 years ago! They allow me to connect with others, run my business, and serve in my soul purpose. Yes, thank you. More please!

Play the gratitude game and let me know how it goes for you in the comments!

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