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The Key to True Freedom

In Your Life and Business

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As we roll into the holiday weekend in the US (and watch as our friends in Canada recently celebrated Canada Day), I wanted to talk to you about freedom and the key to having it in our personal lives and in our businesses.

Time and time again, when I work with my clients, this word, freedom, comes up again and again. We all want it! Our business on our terms, time freedom, so that we can have a high quality of life in experiences, as well as money! In our minds, many relate freedom with peace of mind.
Freedom can be financial freedom, time freedom, self expression. Freedom to choose what gifts you want to share with the world, and how much you want to charge for the value of your services and/or products.
Freedom is everything.
Everything we are working for. Hoping for. Striving for.
And here is the key to getting it!
What is your definition of freedom? You must first name it to claim it. Actually writing down what matters to you and why it matters when it comes to freedom.
How can you claim it for yourself right now? Even if, by your definition, you are not "quite" there yet.
You decide. You decide that you will focus on being in a state of peace of mind. You decide that your freedom is inevitable. It is coming. And why you are on the journey, you get to focus on choose to have as many moments of feeling peaceful, fulfilled, happy and free right this second.
What you focus on grows. Give gratitude for the freedoms you DO have. In your country. In your home. In your life.
Say it with me
"Everyday I wake up healthier, happier, and wealthier than yesterday"
(This mantra is from Chris Harder and I absolutely LOVE it. It is the reflection of the journey to freedom!)
And remember, your success is inevitable!
Happy Freedom Day to all of you!

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