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Lessons Learned- A Reflection

Lessons I want you to know from my 18 years of being a sensitive heart centered entrepreneur

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What I want you to know:

~How easy it can be, if you let it.

~How much time and energy you will give away if you don't start with focus and intention.

~Trust your creativity.

~Trust your out of the box thinking.

~Trust your silly wants and unnecessary needs. It all matters.

~Only you. You are unique and only you can speak to your tribe in a way that resonates.

~You are more than enough.

~You are exactly who your soul client needs.

~Trust your feelings.

~Your vote is ultimately the one to go with. Only you have intuition and insight about what is happening in your life. If logic and intuition (your gut) are at odds, so with your gut.

~You know those rules you wanted to break as a kid when you were "all grown up" ("When I get older, I am going to {insert whatever you declared as independence}")? Now is the time to break them.

~Give yourself permission. To go big, to fail, to show up, vulnerably and beautifully you.

~The vision and passion only can start from within. If it doesn't excite you, don't do it.

~Gratitude is everything. Gratitude is the sustenance for your business and personal growth.

~Focus is everything. Without it, the day (and your business) will rule you.

~You only need to start by taking 1 aligned action step a day. (heart, body, & head in that order)

~Having a system is priceless (for organizing, running a project or business, money, time management, self-care and your spiritual practice)

~Starting the day with self-centering is the essential base for being an empowered entrepreneur.

~Imperfection is the gateway to your highest calling and your deepest desires.

~You have already achieved so much more than you give yourself credit for.

~Successful people started out actively seeking the tools they were missing to produce their desired result. Be the natural resourceful person you already are.

~There is a direct link between what you focus on and how fast your business grows.

~What you think you can achieve is what you actually will achieve. Think big!

~Matching your desires with your creativity equates to magic.

I wrote this list of huge breakthroughs and ahas I that I experienced in my 18 year journey being an entrepreneur. What I didn't know, but am so grateful for, is that entrepreneurship is the best self development program you can go through! The secret to sustainable success is to know and trust thyself.

I hope you find a little nugget of wisdom or two from this list that will help you on your own journey as a sensitive, soulful, heart centered entrepreneur.

I would love to know, what on this list resonated with you?

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