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How to Get Present to Your Power

Discover What Energy Leaks Block Your True Power and How to Stop Them!

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Spend time daily getting present to your power.

"Well, Tracy, I already am present to my power!"

Slow your roll for a sec.

Let's talk energy leaks for a moment.

Energy leaks. Here are some of the most common ones. Projects you put on your to do list then inch by inch slide them page to page in your planner, never making traction. Daily interaction with contacts. Noise. Multitasking. Your perfectionistic high standards (not letting it go until it's perfect). Unfinished agreements. Unspokens. Procrastinating. Indecisiveness.

Love, there is a hole in your bucket (dear Liza, dear Liza...).

Here's how to close them.

1) Make a list. What are the top 2 projects that you want to get done that light you up the most right now? Put all other projects on another list. They are not your priority.


2) Download the free "Present to Power" daily audio I created just for you. Focus is power. This highly activating audio will center you in under 5 minutes a day.


3) Set a timer and complete a decision within 24 hours. Or remove it from the "need to decide" list. This also works for completing a project. Perfection is overrated. If it is required, enlist supporters on your team. This will free up your vibration big time.


4) Speak your unspokens. I know it's not fun. Nor always easy. But love, it's costing you. Make amends, alternative agreements, whatever you need to do and move on.


You being 100% present in your power? Magic. You are a Magnetic Maven on a Mission.

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