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Don't Let Fear Stop Your Success

3 tips for shifting out of fear

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Let your dream be bigger than your fears.

Fears. We have them. How do we shift them so they don't take the wheel?

Here are 3 tips to put fear in the backseat and not let it take control in the drivers seat of your life.

Tip #1: Fear is not good or bad, it is just one of the many feelings in the range of feelings. Get curious, what is coming up for you when you feel fear? Ask it why it is here. You will be amazed by the clarity that comes up through this exercise.

Tip #2: Focus on gratitude. Fear and gratitude exist on different energetic levels. They do not co-exist in the moment.

Tip #3: Be in the energy of the version of you that has seen your dreams come to fruition. You are always creating and calling in your dreams with focus and frequency (energy and consistency).

If you knew, without a doubt, that it all works out in your favor, and you get to choose how you want to experience it, how would you feel? What actions would you take to welcome it into fruition?

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