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Creating with Intention

Supercharge your soul goals and intention setting!

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You. Your soul goals. Intention setting. Focused. Combine that with nature and it's superfood for your desires.

In today's vlog, I talk about how to release what is blocking you from manifesting, creating, and calling in your vision and how to shift it. I also talk about using the power of natural energy to create and get focused. You can create sacred moments of this energy at any time. I love using 11:11. It could be the date, as I used here, or 11:11 time on your clock, am or pm.

I walk you through a powerful intention setting exercise, that will help you get clear and focused. Are you feeling frustrated that you are not where you want to be? Perhaps you feel frustrated that you don't have as much clarity as you want about what to do in order to experience your next level of success on your terms. In this video, I show you how to free up any resistance you are feeling.

Do you wish you had more focus and inspiration to supercharge your intentions and focus? Then download this free affirmation audio on being present to your power. Present To Your Power.

Know that what you desire to have and experience your own next levels of success are there are a gift for you. Are you ready to claim it?

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